Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies (ASIRS)

Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies (ASIRS) is an academy that specialises in providing security related trainings. With a mission to become one of the prestigious training institution in Southeast Asia, ASIRS offers a wide range of training programs to both private and public sector to promote and encourage the highest academic and educational standards in security professionals. We provide industry-recognised certification for an individual’s cumulative industry experience and academic qualifications. Industry professionals will be provided with a continuous learning environment and have the opportunity to constantly develop and upgrade their professional skills.

We are a registered and licensed Private Education Institution (PEI) with the Singapore Committee of Private Education (CPE), with registered number 201410743C. All education providers in Singapore must be registered as a Private Education Institution and adhere to the Singapore Private Education Act (Chapter 247A). Being a registered PEI, ASIRS is audited and regulated annually according to the government’s regulation.

With a vision to be a premier training institution in Southeast Asia, the Academy provides a myriad of trainings catering to differing needs of security professionals in the public and private domain. The thrust is to provide individuals with enhanced skills and knowledge to augment professional and career advancement which will inevitably augers the professional standards in the security industry.

ASIRS provides platforms for security professionals to constantly upgrade their standing competency through effectual learning environment, instructional techniques, and experienced trainers. Through its Alumni set-up knowledge and sound practices are constantly shared and views exchanged. Networks are also established and strengthen via the Alumni channel.

ASIRS and Global E2C are both the same organisation. Global E2C was first established in 2009 to provide security trainings, consultancy, conference, exhibition and project. As one of the requirements from the Singapore CPE is for the institution to focus mainly on education, hence ASIRS was setup to fulfil the requirement. Global E2C continues to act as the marketing agent carrying out marketing activities internationally. Unlike a private training provider company which is only regulated under the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore for business registration, being a registered and approved PEI provides ASIRS with more credibility and recognition. We wish to make certain that once students completed a course they will receive certificates from a well-established institution.