ASIRS – Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies

Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies (ASIRS) is an academy that specialises in providing security related trainings. With a mission to become one of the prestigious training institution in Southeast Asia, ASIRS offers a wide range of training programs to both private and public sector to promote and encourage the highest academic and educational standards in security professionals. We provide industry-recognised certification for an individual’s cumulative industry experience and academic qualifications. Industry professionals will be provided with a continuous learning environment and have the opportunity to constantly develop and upgrade their professional skills.

We strive towards enhancing security professionals’ competency, skillsets and professionalism through education and training. Our blended learning experiences and accelerated learning techniques help to achieve training objectives for individuals and the entire workforce, leading to a better career development. Through our alumni, we aspire to create an active community for security professionals to be able to share and exchange information and advice so as to assist each other in making the industry better.