Attendance Policy

Attendance Requirements

Learning is a collaborative process. ASIRS students are admitted in part because of the experiences they bring to the community and what they can add to class discussions. Students are required to attain a minimum of 75% attendance for each module.

Students who failure to meet the minimum attendance requirement without valid reason, will have to re-sit for the specific module. Re-module fee will be applicable.

Students who are found to have signed the attendance on behalf of other students will be subjected to severe disciplinary action by ASIRS, being debarred from taking the assessment.

Leave of Absence

Students are required to complete and submit the Leave Application Form to Student Service Department via email to, should they are unable to attend the lessons. Following are the approved leave of absence by ASIRS:

Supporting Documents (in English Language)
Compassionate Leave for immediate family membersDeath Certificate
Medical LeaveMedical Certificate
Business Overseas TripCompany Letter and Air Ticket/Boarding Pass

For medical treatments, all leave application form MUST be submitted together with the supporting documents within 3 working days of the student’s return.