Certificate In CBR Public Safety Management

A module of Diploma In Anti & Counter Terrorism Studies.
Accomplish the Diploma and be awarded as a Anti & Counter Terrorism Practitioner (ACTP)


Certificate in CBR Public Safety Management is a continued progressive program from Foundational of Anti & Counter Terrorism. With the advent of radical groups increasingly taking interest in the development of Chemical, Biological and Radiological devices, the CBR weaponry component cannot be ignored. Apart from conventional attack methodologies, compounded knowledge akin to CBR threats will have to be harnessed.

This specialised 3 Day course is an augmentation of governmental efforts to educate the public on the various facets of terrorism. Such a course is often conducted by government entities (such as HAZMAT) for selected bodies. As such, the design of the course is structured in context towards equipping general security practitioners and facility managers with the knowledge to develop its own preventive measures, response protocols and to garner operational synergy with national first responders in an incident.

Essence of the course contents encapsulates that of Threat Identification, Preventive Actions and Mitigation Measures. Contriving approach towards its conduct include the lectures, group discussion- presentation and a written assessment. Successful candidates will be awarded a Academy of Security, Intelligence and Risk Studies (ASIRS) Certificate in CBR Public Safety Management.


The generic course learning outcome include:

  • Knowing the various types of CBR payloads, its associated hazards and intoxication symptoms.
  • Knowledge of the various types of Improvised devices using CBR payloads.
  • Tactical offensive application of CBR devices.
  • Detection and mitigation technology to combat threats. This include personal protection posture.
  • Reacting and managing a CBR related incident.


Course Modules:  13 Modules

Duration:  3 Days

Language:  English

Assessment: Written Examination

Course Fee:  SGD 1,500

Application Fee:  SGD 100


1.1 - Understand the macro aspect of CBR threats, its history and past occurrences.
1.2 - Knowledge of CBR weapons in its application- offensive operations.
1.3 - Awareness of the current trend in context to both the global and regional threat landscape.
2.1 - Understand the classification and differences between Toxic Industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents.
2.2 - Identify effects of chemicals on a human based on signs and symptoms.
2.3 - Various means of detection and protection in application to varying scenario in context.
3.1 - Understand the classification and the various type of germs.
3.2 - Identify its effects based on behavioral patterns.
3.3 - Various means of detection and protection in application to varying scenario in context.
4.1 - Understand the various types of Isotopes and its associated hazards.
4.2 - Identify the signs of radiological substance exposure.
4.3 - Various means of detection and protection.
5.1 - Types and hazards of improvised toxic chemicals.
5.2 - The various methods of concoction.
5.3 - Characteristics and indicators of a clandestine laboratory.
6.1 - Construct of CIED.
6.2 - Employment concept.
6.3 - Effects on target.
7.1 - RDD (Radiation Dispersal Device).
7.2 - Employment concept.
7.3 - Effects on target.
8.1 - Characteristic defining a soft target.
8.2 - Target vulnerability assessment.
8.3 - Varying methods of strengthening against CBR attacks.
9.1 - Able to identify threats and signs of a FIND or Attack.
9.2 - Establishment of protocols and SOPs.
9.3 - Carry out initial mitigation actions prior to arrival of authorities.
9.4 - Link-up procedures with authorities.
9.5 - Activities in the incident aftermath -business continuity.
10.1 - Understand the various types of CBR detection and mitigation equipment available in the market.
10.2 - The various strength and limitations of the respective equipment.
10.3 - Type of personal protection equipment and its application during varying threat posturing.
11.1 - Gain insights to the various types of CBR incidents that had occurred previously.
11.2 - The complexity of managing CBR incidents.
11.3 - Study the actions carried out by Facility Management and First Responders.
11.4 - Impact in the aftermath connoting site management and business continuity.
12.1 - Able to identify threat vulnerability at a targeted area.
12.2 - Able to recommend preventive measures to safeguard target.
12.3 - Identify reactive measures in the event of a threat.
13.1 - Able to recognize a CBR attack based on exhibited indicators.
13.2 - Able to carry out immediate action procedures.
13.3 - Able to establish a safe link-up position with First Responders.
13.4 - Assist authorities in executing operational response.
13.5 - Identify key components in the aftermath of the business continuity framework.
Sito Wai Yip

Mr. Sito Wai Yip

OC of Bomb Technical and Investigation Team
Criminal Investigation Department
Singapore Police Force


Entry Requirements
  • 21 years old and above; and
  • Diploma Holders; or
    an industry or government recognise akin certificate; or
    with at least 1 year of industry related working experience
  • Pass in English in Secondary or High School education or equivalent.
Graduation Requirements

Students will be assessed throughout the duration of the program. In order to be received the certificate, students must achieve a pass for their in-class assessments paper, and at least 75% of class attendance.