Certificate In Counter-Financing of Terrorism

A module of Diploma In Anti & Counter Terrorism Studies.
Accomplish the Diploma and be awarded as a Anti & Counter Terrorism Practitioner (ACTP)


The Counter-Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Training Course is structured to provides a foundation knowledge of the meaning of terrorist financing and its associated crimes, an introduction to the legal frameworks associated with global counter-terrorist financing strategy and an overview of the key terrorist financing threats and risks. The course will enable you to analyse the nature of and motivation behind terrorism; ways in which funds for terrorist organisations are gathered and processed; the risks organisations face in relation to the financing of terrorism; how organisations can identify terrorist financing risks; the relationship between money laundering and terrorist financing; and how a risk-based approach can be used to manage terrorist financing risks. Its design encompasses an array of implementing countermeasures of terrorist financing and its associated crimes, by leveraging the knowledge of CFT scheme covering both operational and tactical operations.

Generally, the CFT Training Course strives to equip participants with fundamental knowledge to the concept and criminalization of terrorist financing from international perspectives to the national level including the techniques of designing risk-based approach, terrorism network detection and compliance strategies. It is also aimed at developing the capabilities of respective participants to generate terrorist financing intelligence analysis for supporting further investigation process lead by the intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Apart from classroom lectures, lessons will also be reinforced via table top exercises to allow the participants to learn and practice the essence of cooperation and collaboration in a team.

Contents in the CFT Training Course are usually conducted at national training centres such as law enforcements and intelligence, financial industries, academics, and military training institutions. The instructor for this course is a highly qualified senior financial intelligence analysts with decades of operational and academic experiences in the field of counter-terrorist financing study.


Course Modules: 13 Modules

Duration: 3 Days

Language: English

Assessment: written examination

Course Fee: SGD 1,500

Application Fee: SGD 100