Certificate In Supply Chain Security Studies

Strengthen And Enhance The Security of The End to End Supply Chain, Building A Robust Supply Chain Security Management


The Certificate in Supply Chain Security Studies (CSCSS) encompass the efforts and initiatives to strengthen and enhance the security of the end to end supply chain nodes and modes particularly covering the warehousing, transport and logistics systems wherein the cargo moves in these respective links along with touch by the organization’s manpower. A combination of principles and guidelines driven by risk mitigation assessments of the supply chain security will be the focus of the training.

The training will expound components towards an effective Supply Chain Security Management. The 3 main components namely Sea Container Security Management, Transportation Security Management, and Airport Cargo Security Management will be dealt with. Cargo & Container Movement and the effective Management of it at each touch point of the Supply Chain will be discussed. A thorough understanding of its movement in all the modes and nodes of the supply chain with the principle theme on the essentials of robust Supply Chain Security Management will be the focus of this section.

Security Management within the spectrums of Supply Chain is an integral and central component of the security organization. Understanding the different nature of an effective, capable and capacity built supply chain security and dedicatedly monitored movement and control of cargo is essential to a robust supply chain security management. This management section will see how to synergise Man, Machine and Method (3M) with Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny (4D) of pilferages, losses, theft and hijacks in the nodes and modes of the Supply Chain. The precise handling of cargo in air, sea or land movement and cargo storage within the end to end supply chain will bring about an efficient and effective supply chain security. The focus will be on anticipation of threats and challenges and the mitigation applications to build a robust supply chain security management.


Course Modules:  15 Modules

Duration: 3 Days

Language:  English

Assessment: Written Examination

Course Fee:  SGD 1,300

Application Fee: SGD 100

Selvaraj Balasubramaniam

Mr. Selvaraj Balasubramaniam

Regional Head of ISEE & Security
Boehringer Ingelheim
Stanley Aloysius

Mr. Stanley Aloysius

Former Director, Asia Pacific Safety & Security
Paypal Singapore


Entry Requirements
  • 21 years old and above; and
  • Diploma Holders; or
    an industry or government recognise akin certificate; or
    with at least 1 year of industry related working experience
  • Pass in English in Secondary or High School education or equivalent.
Graduation Requirements

Students will be assessed throughout the duration of the program. In order to be received the certificate, students must achieve a pass for their in-class assessments paper, and at least 75% of class attendance.